2018 Election Results: Alabama Senate

2018 Election Results: Alabama Senate

By WILL WHATLEY, Alabama Daily News

Alabama Republicans added one seat to their Senate Majority Tuesday, bringing the total up to 27 to the Democrats’ eight.

The increase comes from Republican Donnie Chesteen replacing Independent Sen. Harri Ann Smith, but the Senate GOP also held off serious challenges that threatened to cut into their control of the chamber.

Majority Leader Greg Reed celebrated the victory and said it would mean progress for the party’s agenda.

“The people of Alabama have again entrusted the reins of state government to conservative Republicans, and we will honor that trust by continuing to pursue policies that will lift every part of the state, from the wiregrass to the Black Belt to the Tennessee Valley,” Reed said.

“The economy is booming, but there is still work to be done, and Republicans in the Legislature will work hand-in-hand with Governor Ivey to rebuild our roads, bridges, and ports, strengthen our schools, support educators, and position Alabama as a leader for the twenty-first century.”

Below are the results from what Alabama Daily News judged as the closest senate races this election:

Senate District 1

Tim Melson (R) defeated Caroline Self (D) 68.23% to 31.77%

“I’m very grateful for the confidence that the voters placed in me today,” said Melson. “I’ll continue to work to grow our north Alabama economy, be an advocate for improving our schools, and to push for conservative solutions to the issues facing our state.”


Senate District 2

Tom Butler (R) defeated Amy Wasyluka (D) 54.37% to 45.63%


Senate District 6

Sen. Larry Stutts (R) defeated Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow (D) 51.01% to 48.99%

“My family and I are grateful for your prayers, support, and votes during this election,” said Stutts. “I am honored to continue representing Senate District 6 in Montgomery with conservative values. Looking forward to four more years of delivering for northwest Alabama.”


Senate District 10

Andrew Jones (R) defeated Rep. Craig Ford (I) 60.72% to 39.28%

“We credit the win to our volunteers and supporters,” said Jones. “The campaign was successful because of the people involved and we’re looking forward to getting to Montgomery and making a difference.”


Senate District 12

Sen. Del Marsh (R) defeated Jim Williams (D) 64.63% to 35.37%


Senate District 13

Randy Price (R) defeated Darrell Turner (D) 71.13% to 28.87%

“I’d like to thank the people of district 13 and look forward to serving them in Montgomery,” said Price. “People opened their homes and businesses to us to discuss the issues ,and I’d like to thank them and my family for all of their support.”


Senate District 27

Sen. Tom Whatley (R) defeated Nancy Bendinger (D) 59.13% to 40.87%



District Candidate Reporting.
1  68% Melson* REP.  32% Self DEM. 100%
2  54% Butler REP.  46% Wasyluka DEM. 100%
3  Orr* REP. Uncontested
4  Gudger REP. Uncontested
5  Reed* REP. Uncontested
6  51% Stutts* REP.  49% Morrow DEM. 100%
7  55% Givhan REP.  45% Barros DEM. 97%
8  Livingston* REP. Uncontested
9  Scofield* REP. Uncontested
10  61% Jones REP.  39% Ford IND. 100%
11  76% McClendon* REP.  24% Carter DEM. 96%
12  65% Marsh* REP.  35% Williams DEM. 98%
13  71% Price REP.  29% Turner DEM. 100%
14  73% Ward* REP.  27% McDonald DEM. 94%
15  Roberts REP. Uncontested
16  63% Waggoner* REP.  37% Deckard DEM. 90%
17  Shelnutt* REP. Uncontested
18  Smitherman* DEM. Uncontested
19  Dunn* DEM. Uncontested
20  Coleman-Madison* DEM. Uncontested
21  68% Allen* REP.  32% Burnham DEM. 100%
22  Albritton* REP. Uncontested
23  66% Sanders-Fortier DEM.  34% Story IND. 100%
24  Singleton* DEM. Uncontested
25  61% Barfoot REP.  39% Sadler DEM. 90%
26  80% Burkette* DEM.  20% Johnson REP. 100%
27  59% Whatley* REP.  41% Bendinger DEM. 100%
28  Beasley* DEM. Uncontested
29  Chesteen REP. Uncontested
30  Chambliss* REP. Uncontested
31  Holley* REP. Uncontested
32  75% Elliott REP.  25% Fisher DEM. 100%
33  Figures* DEM. Uncontested
34  Williams REP. Uncontested
35  68% Sessions REP.  32% Holmes DEM.