Ainsworth cries foul over Cavanaugh’s ‘con artist’ ad

Ainsworth cries foul over Cavanaugh’s ‘con artist’ ad

The latest salvo in what has become a contentious campaign sees Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh on the attack against Will Ainsworth, bringing up the Guntersville state representative’s arrests from 15 years ago.

“With family money and influence, Ainsworth never served a day for these crimes,” the ad states. “The same political insider who called Donald Trump a ‘con artist.’”

With a week and a half left until the July 17 runoff election, the Cavanaugh campaign is hopeful the ad sticks with voters.

Ainsworth, however, has a much different take on the events and calls the ad “false, misleading and malicious.”

“While in college, some buddies and I thought it would be funny to ‘kidnap’ a few fiberglass tigers that the Auburn Chamber of Commerce had placed downtown,” said Ainsworth. “It was a dumb stunt, and we all agreed to pay fines and perform community service for Habitat for Humanity.”

Ainsworth added that after college, he became a youth pastor and used the experience to teach kids a valuable life lesson about resisting peer pressure and making good choices.

The second arrest, according to Ainsworth, was a common boating citation.

“The fact that Twinkle has no conservative message or agenda and relies only on political stunts and lies proves how desperate she has become,” Ainsworth stated. “It’s a new low, even for a swamp politician like her.”