Man sorry for beer stunt preceding teacher’s suspension

Man sorry for beer stunt preceding teacher’s suspension

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — A man who opened a beer and drank it during a class at the University of Alabama has apologized after a teacher was suspended following the incident.

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Alabama officials said Thursday they had received an email from Trevor Nappier taking blame for what happened and asking the school to reconsider its suspension of marketing instructor Joel Strayer. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the message.

The university suspended Strayer after video of the incident, which occurred earlier this month, was shared on social media. Nappier’s message said the stunt was an attempt to boost a career producing viral videos.

The video shows a man drinking a beer in class while surprised students watch and clap. Someone is heard saying: “I am impressed.”

The email from Nappier, who wrote that he is not a student at Alabama but managed to enter the classroom with a can of beer, called Strayer a “great teacher.”

Strayer has not commented publicly on the suspension. The school said he was placed on administrative leave while “several concerns” were addressed.

A university spokesman, Chris Bryant, did not respond to questions about how a non-student was able to enter a classroom, but academic halls generally have limited security.