New Kay Ivey Ad Gets Nostalgic

New Kay Ivey Ad Gets Nostalgic

By CAROLINE BECK, Alabama Daily News

In Governor Kay Ivey’s most recent campaign ad, she goes down memory lane and talks about the time she visited the governor’s office as a 23 year old Girls State staffer.

Now, she gets to work at that desk, which is why “anything’s possible in Alabama,” Ivey says.

The ad begins with a picture of Ivey sitting behind the desk of former Gov. Lurleen Wallace, who was the first woman to be elected as governor for Alabama. Should Ivey be elected this November, she would be the second woman elected as governor of Alabama. On the back of the picture Ivey wrote, “this is as close as I’ll ever get,” which proved to be untrue.

The ad goes on to talk about how under her leadership, the state is “makingĀ record investments in our schools, cleaning up government corruption and creating 16,000 new jobs and counting.”

The ad is making the statement that the growth that Ivey was able to make, as a small girl behind the governor’s desk to now being the governor shows how much she is willing to help Alabama grow as well.

She closes out the ad saying, “Alabama is a place where dreams come true. And working together, it always will be.”