New Maddox ad talks Medicaid, lottery, debate

New Maddox ad talks Medicaid, lottery, debate

The Walt Maddox for Governor campaign released a new television ad this week. The spot titled, “Day One” is scheduled to begin statewide rotation Thursday evening.

The ad focuses on Maddox’s main policy goals of expanding Medicaid and passing an education lottery. But he also takes subtle shots at Gov. Kay Ivey on her decision not to debate and the state being on the hook for former Gov. Robert Bentley’s legal defense in the Spencer Collier wrongful termination lawsuit.

“You deserved a debate. Instead, you got silence,” Maddox begins. “As governor, I’ll lead and on day one I’ll expand Medicaid to keep our hospitals open and create 30,000 new jobs.”

“Second: I will call a special session and I will pass the Alabama education lottery. Third: I’ll ensure the taxpayers never pay one more dime of Robert Bentley’s legal bills.

“You deserve leadership, not silence. Your vote can change our future,” the ad ends.