Pell City’s Andy Jackson honored as Alabama’s Teacher of the Year

Pell City’s Andy Jackson honored as Alabama’s Teacher of the Year

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama leaders last week honored Dr. Andy Jackson from Eden Elementary School in Pell City as Alabama’s 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year.

Jackson was recognized by Gov. Kay Ivey and State Superintendent Eric Mackey at the State Board of Education meeting Thursday and later got the real perk of the honor – a new car to drive throughout the year.

Each year, the Alabama Farmers Federation presents the Teacher of the Year with a new vehicle to use throughout the year. Federation president Jimmy Parnell presented Jackson with a brand new Chevrolet Traverse.

Dr. Andy Jackson behind the wheel of his new vehicle for the year.

Posted by Alfa Insurance on Thursday, September 10, 2020

“It is truly an honor to represent Alabama’s educators,” Jackson said. “The only thing constant in education, and often in life, is change. Education continues to evolve through research, technology, and resources. But, helping children learn and develop their own sense of individuality is still at the core of education. While there will always be challenges and growth opportunities in front of us, I am confident educators, families, and communities will continue to rise to those challenges for the benefit of all children across our state.”

Jackson was one of more than 150 highly skilled educators nominated for the award. As Teacher of the Year, Jackson will serve as an official spokesperson for education. He is also Alabama’s official candidate for the National Teacher of the Year award.

“Teachers are so important when it comes to educating and inspiring the next generation,” said Alfa Insurance President Jimmy Parnell. “We’re proud to partner with the Alabama State Department of Education to offer a vehicle to our state’s Teacher of the Year for the 24th consecutive year. I’m confident Dr. Jackson will make us all proud as he represents Alabama during this academic year.”

Mackey said Jackson’s honor was well-deserved and that his example of teaching excellence is more important now than ever given the challenges educators face.

“Dr. Jackson represents the essence of what a great educator is all about,” Mackey said. “Through both his professional accomplishments, as well as his personal life, Dr. Jackson walks the walk and demonstrates the true determination necessary to be a teacher and a leader. He not only has the mind of an educator – he has the heart. We look forward to him serving as a representative for the teachers of Alabama and being a strong, resolute example of what hard work, commitment, and caring can yield.”

In addition to the car, insurance coverage is provided by Alfa Insurance with costs covered by the Alabama Farmers Federation.