Perry Hooper: Support Tommy Tuberville

Perry Hooper: Support Tommy Tuberville

By: Perry O. Hooper Jr., Guest Columnist

I have known Coach Tommy Tuberville since he first arrived at Auburn in 1999.  Since day one when I went to watch my sons practice football, he was always talking to me about Republican Party Politics. I knew it was in his blood. Little did I know at the time, I would be joining the President in supporting him for the United States Senate.

Coaching football is more about leadership than X’s and O’s. Tommy’s leadership abilities were the first thing that impressed me when we first met. He has been places recruiting that few people running for office have. He has been in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country, convincing Mommas how he was going to help mold their 17 years old sons into men. He really cares about everyday people and what is best for our neighborhoods and schools. He has been a great teacher of life lessons as well as an outstanding football coach. He brought in former Auburn Linebacker Chette Williams to serve as the Auburn football team chaplain. He is a dedicated Christian and dedicated to his family which includes his former players. This is what this country needs now – leaders not career politicians.

Tommy Tuberville is a principled, free market conservative who has the support of President Trump and has put together a great campaign to defeat Doug Jones,” said David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth PAC  “President Trump’s endorsement is by far the most important endorsement a candidate can earn for a Republican Primary, and we are glad to join President Trump in supporting Tommy Tuberville.”

I have known Jeff Sessions my entire political life. He is a good strong conservative and an honorable man, but it is time for a change. During these turbulent times, The President needs Tommy Tuberville on his team. As the President stated in his endorsement “Tommy Tuberville loves his country and will never let it down”. He is 100 % behind the President and the Trump Agenda.  He could easily have retired after his long successful football career, but there is one more chapter in his life – serving in the US Senate. He has been a winner on and off the football field; as Senator he will be a big win for America and Alabama.  Please join me Tuesday July 14th in voting for Coach Tommy Tuberville.

Perry O. Hooper Jr. is a former State Representative, is on the Republican State Executive Committee and is a Trump Victory National Finance Committee Member.