Proposed resolutions await ALGOP Winter Meeting

Proposed resolutions await ALGOP Winter Meeting

By WILL WHATLEY, Alabama Daily News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The ALGOP Executive Committee will hold its winter meeting this Saturday, Feb. 27, in Montgomery and with it a new chairman and consideration of a number of resolutions that could shape the direction of the state’s dominant political party.

It’s the end of an era for the Alabama Republican Party as chairwoman Terry Lathan officially steps down from her leadership role. Lathan has led the ALGOP since 2015, presiding over perhaps the most successful periods for Republicans in the state, but also one that saw unique challenges.

Last week, the Alabama Legislature adopted a joint resolution honoring Lathan for her service to the state. John Wahl is running unopposed to replace her.

Many proposed resolutions also await the Executive Committee. A number of the resolutions reference the 2020 presidential election and ask the party’s Executive Committee to pass some resolutions that dispute the election’s results. While not all proposed resolutions are adopted, they do indicate the feelings among the Republican base which holds considerable sway. However, some are also focused on state legislative actions.

One such proposed resolution calling for the rescinding of all Article V of the U.S. Constitution’s convention applications awaits the Executive Committee. Article V of the Constitution allows for states to call a Constitutional convention, or Con Con, to offer amendments.

The resolution has received support from Eagle Forum of Alabama.

“Now, the Democrats control all three branches of government in Washington,” the group stated. “Now, forces on the left and on the right are pushing for a whole new form of government. They want to replace our unique, divinely inspired Constitution. Now, is the time to call upon the Alabama legislature to rescind remaining calls for a Constitution Convention. Eagle Forum earnestly asks that you support the Rescind Con Con Resolution calls.”

Another proposed resolution would call on the United States to withdraw from the United Nations as stated in U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ (R-Saks) bill, H.R. 204, the American Sovereignty Act. One of the reasons given in support of the resolution was that former President Donald Trump made an annual cut of $1 billion to the United Nations.

Two proposed resolutions voice support for U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville). One such resolution commends Brooks “for investigating voter fraud and voting irregularities throughout the country in connection with the November 2020 election.” Brooks has been criticized by some media members and fellow lawmakers for stoking emotions at the Jan. 6 rallies in Washington, D.C.

“Mo Brooks is a national leader in the fight against the Socialist agenda of the Democrat Party and is recognized as a rare true statesman among an assemblage of politicians,” the proposed resolution reads.

The second resolution mentioning Brooks also applauds the rest of the Alabama delegation who disputed the results of the presidential election.

“[S]uppresion of information and outright disinformation from an overwhelming majority of traditional media sources, and social media giants and their associated platforms, have produced an effective propaganda machine for the advancement of a leftist, Socialist agenda,” the resolution reads. “[T]hese actions collectively yielded unfavorable results in the 2020 Presidential election and, unchecked, will certainly yield unfavorable results in future elections with an ultimate shift toward a much more socialist democracy, and further suppression of our individual rights and liberties.”

The resolution commends Brooks for his actions “against suppression of First Amendment free speech rights, monopolization of media platforms leading toward outright censorship, and voter and election fraud.”

The resolution also applauds Alabama Congressmen Barry Moore, Mike Rogers, Robert Aderholt, Gary Palmer and Jerry Carl, along with Senator Tommy Tuberville, who “rallied with Congressman Mo Brooks in challenging the certification of improper state electoral college submissions to Congress.”

Another proposed resolution honors former President Donald Trump.

“President Donald J. Trump was one of the greatest and most effective presidents in the 245 year history of the Republic,” the resolution states. “President Trump put the American people and the American worker first in all his decisions and policies.”

“Now therefore, be it resolved by the Alabama Republican Executive Committee that President Donald J. Trump is highly honored and commended, and that this resolution is offered to him in deepest appreciation for his dedication and sacrifice to our country in order to ‘Make America Great Again,’” the resolution says.

One proposed resolution states support of the “Keep Nine Amendment” currently before Congress. The amendment would propose limiting the Supreme Court to nine justices in an effort to thwart any possible Democratic efforts to expand the nation’s highest court.

Governor Kay Ivey will address the Executive Committee, which will also honor former U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne and former ALGOP Chief of Staff Harold Sachs. The meeting begins at 10 a.m.