Trumps dump on Roy Moore

Trumps dump on Roy Moore
This is interesting and still developing, so follow me here…

Roy Moore made some national headlines yesterday with sources claiming he is close to announcing a U.S. Senate run.

It’s hard to say where the stories originated, chicken and egg wise, but one of the most widespread was from Congressman Bradley Byrne telling The Hill’s Scott Wong that he welcomes Moore to the race but doubts he can win.

That story garnered a Twitter reaction from Moore (or whomever runs Moore’s account) saying Byrne was scared of him because he can beat Sen. Doug Jones, or something.

(The replies to that tweet could keep you occupied all morning, but stay with me)

Then, Donald Trump, Jr. got involved, tweeting at Moore:

I thought that was pretty significant. But just this morning, President Trump himself cut into Moore in two tweets:

For a normal candidate, this would pretty much mean it’s over. But Roy Moore is not a normal candidate. One could absolutely see the Trump family’s criticism temping him to run even more.

Anyway, you’re caught up.

Couldn’t they have all waited until after the legislative session to make all this news?